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Fabric Digital Multimeter

This digital multimeter is useful for evaluating textiles and thread for conductivity and electrical resistance.
Because each colored led have a different forward voltage different "scales are provided", Blue is good for low resistance,
Green for middle, and red for higher resistance.


Laser Multitouch Surface

This is an inexpensive way to turn any surface into an input device that senses the x & y position of multiple simultaneous touch points. The hardware necessary is easy to find online by following the links below, or at a well stocked electronics store: a webcam, two mountable lasers, a power source for the lasers, and something to prop up the camera with.


Fabric Touch RGB LED Color Synthesizer

This color synthesizer uses finger pressure to control brightness of each color of an RGB Led array. It was designed to illustrate that fabric and organic conductors can handle high current levels with modulations of low resistance values and some geometric variations that exploit switching materials.



Monday, April 20, 2009 Basic review of Audiosculpt Preferences --- set new home folder and sound folder for audiosculpt outside of application folder FFT analysis window size larger the window size the better the frequency analysis and the poorer the temporal resolution FFT analysis, window size, hop size added "markers" to a sound file "generate markers" Marker Analysis Parameters Transient Detection Settings Threshold (trial and error, but lower the number the greater the sensitivity i.e.


SPAT machine

last updated May 23, 2018 (EC)

SPAT Machine and bridge building to laptop with Ableton Live and Max/MSP as control source

Goal:  set up a laptop bridge to the SPAT machine in main room.

* Login to SPAT machine  (obtain login from Jeremy Wagner or Jeff). check instructions for login on SPAT machine.

•  Download and install the RME MADIface XT



Japanese Cups

In this excerpt, the percussion track is highlighted with pizzicatos, slap tonguing, and other effects. The bass joins in with a pondering melody at the end.