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Eric Raynaud—Guest Artist & Researcher

Eric Raynaud (Fraction) will be a guest artist and visitng researcher at CNMAT this fall.

Fraction is a new media artist whose work focuses in particular on immersive and audiovisual experience design.


ODOT v1.3.4 Released

On Tuesday, July 5, odot v1.3.4 was released through the Max Package Manager. This new release, prepared by John MacCallum, provides support and compatibility with Apple's M1 processors as well as other minor updates and bug fixes. Users should update Odot through the Max Package Manager:


CNMAT PC-2410: a passive pad for tactile transducer workflows

Here at CNMAT we often work with tactile transducers in large stage settings and this presents a number of technical challenges.  Composers tend to favor inexpensive, off-the-shelf consumer amplifiers and transducer/exciters that can be difficult to interface with professional audio equipment without distortion or damage.  The core issue here is that the consumer level amplifier typically expects a -10 dBV (0.316 volt RMS) signal while most professional equipment is capable of handling much higher signal voltages--typically up to +24 dBu (12.28 volts RMS).  When transducers are deployed in


Rama Gottfried appointed Professor at Zurich University of the Arts

The Zurich University of the Arts Board has appointed Rama Gottfried, a CNMAT alum and PhD graduate in music composition from the Department of Music, to the position of Professor of Contemporary Computer Music Practice previously held by Prof. Dr. Martin Neukom. He will take up the post in August 2022.


3D Printed Mount for Tactile Transducer

This summer Jeremy Wagner, Technical Director at CNMAT, has been doing a deep dive on several issues related to the use of tactile transducers in new music contexts.  CNMAT is sharing the design of a 3D printed bracket that allows for the mounting of a Dayton Audio DAEX58FP tactile transducer to the back of a cello.  The 3D .stl file (linked below), when printed in PLA or ABS, provides an excellent set of mounting points for a DAEX58FP tactile transducer.  The circular portion of the 3D print fits snugly and securely over the exciter's magnet and suspension, allowing ample clearance for mov


Welcoming John-Carlos Perea

John-Carlos Perea will be in residence at CNMAT as a visiting researcher, composer, and performer for the academic year 2022-23. In addition to being a GRAMMY® Award winning multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, John-Carlos is Associate Professor of American Indian Studies in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University.

John-Carlos will be developing a musician-specific augmented performance environment for voice, cedar flute, and drum.


CNMAT Externals v1.0.5 Released

On Wednesday, April 27, CNMAT released a maintenance update for CNMAT Externals v1.0.5 that provides support and compatibility with Apple's M1 processors as well as other minor updates and bug fixes. Users should update the CNMAT Externals through the Max Package Manager: