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Imran Sekalala

Imran Sekalala is an undergraduate researcher at CNMAT. He is currently studying Data Science with an emphasis in Data Arts and Humanities. He is also minoring in Environmental Design. At CNMAT, Imran is working with Professor Edmund Campion on an upcoming release of the CNMAT Depot 2.0 software package with a focus on CNMAT Spectral Tools.


Aditi Raja

Aditi Raja is an undergraduate researcher at CNMAT. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Music. At CNMAT, Aditi is working with Edmund Campion and Jeremy Wagner to test Max/MSP patches related to I/O-Wrappers and the hardware controller library at CNMAT by matching them to physical I/O controllers.


CNMAT Fall 2020 newsletter

The CNMAT Fall 2020 Newsletter is availabe for download here.


The CNMAT Users Group (CUG) have teamed with CNMAT's Associate Director, Richard Andrews, to conceive and produce this first edition of the CNMAT Newsletter.  CNMAT strives to be an open community of users and dedicated staff who work together. We continue to thrive both on-line and in person -- where allowed.  WOW, what a year!!!


Ken Ueno

Ken Ueno, is a composer, vocalist, improviser, and sound artist.  His music celebrates artistic possibilities which are liberated through a Whitmanesque consideration of the embodied practice of unique musical personalities.


Cindy Cox

Transparent yet richly multifaceted, Cindy Cox’s compositions synthesize old and new musical designs.  The natural world inspires many of the special harmonies and textural colorations in her compositions, as in her piano trio la mar amarga, the octet Cañon, and the string quartet Patagón.  As Robert Carl notes in Fanfare, “Cox writes music that demonstrates an extremely refined and imaginative sens


Myra Melford

The pianist, composer, bandleader and professor Myra Melford—whom the New Yorker called “a stalwart of the new-jazz movement”—has spent the last three decades making brilliant original music that is equally challenging and engaging.


Alfred Jimenez

Alfred was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a Ukrainian mother and a Cuban father. After accomplishing his bachelor's exam in composition, Alfred continued with master studies in Malmö Academy of Music with Prof. Luca Francesconi. Alfred received his master's degree in spring 2015 after graduating with his second chamber opera "Clownen Jac".


SweetWire Music Video Release

Greg Niemeyer (Art Practice) in collaboration with composer Hallie Smith and dancer Olivia Holston have released the new music video SweetWire.


Oren Boneh's Her Majesty the Fool (2020)

Her Majesty the Fool (2020) by Oren Boneh, UCB Ph.D. in Music Composition, with Fanny Vicens, XAMP mictrotonal accordion and electronics. Premiered at the Festival Manifeste IRCAM 2020 with support from Grégoire Lorieux, Thierry De Mey, and the IRCAM Pedagogical Team. Filmed at Centre Pompidou, Paris Video production: Année Zéro – Benoît Martin, Guillaume Foresti