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Danielle DeGruttola

Improvising Cellist, Danielle DeGruttola, is an acoustic and electric cellist and composer.  Her cello improvisations fuse multiple genres, room acoustics, and electronic sound, creating thoughtful and powerful compositions that interweave elements of contemporary jazz, classical, electronica, folk, blues, rock, and hardcore. Her sublime sound is adventuresome and exploratory yet maintains concrete form.


Luke Dzwonczyk — La Nuit Sauve

Composition graduate student Luke Dzwonczyk created the music for artist Étienne Chambaud's video installation La Nuit sauve, which opened at LaM, Lille Métropole Musée d'art moderne, d'art contemporain et d'art brut in Lille, France in October 2022.


Sound Encounters III

For a third season, CNMAT will continue its partnership with SFCMP. On December 4th, 2022, in collaboration with the UC Berkeley department of music and SFCMP, CNMAT will help to present Sound Encounters III. The concert will feature works by CNMAT affiliated composers and artists, Eda Er, Kevin Lo, and Aine Nakamura.

Featuring: Richard Worn, double bass


Laetitia Sonami Residency

Laetitia Sonami will have an extended residency at CNMAT from October to November 2022. She will work closely with students and guest researchers on the application of sensors for musicians, composers, and sound artists. Her residency will culminate in a workshop concert presenting new pieces by CNMAT composers and researchers on November 18, 2022 at 6pm.

Sonami is a composer, sound artist, performer and researcher.


Huck Hodge Colloquium and Concert

Huck Hodge will be visiting in early October 2022. He will be participating in the music department colloquium series which will happen at CNMAT and also giving a performance of his work.


Eric Raynaud—Guest Artist & Researcher

Eric Raynaud (Fraction) will be a guest artist and visitng researcher at CNMAT this fall.

Fraction is a new media artist whose work focuses in particular on immersive and audiovisual experience design.