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Joseph "Butcher" Rovan, clear and cool nights

Joseph “Butch” Rovan’s “clear and cool nights” draws on ‘found’ sound material, reminiscent of the Cocteau film “Orpheus,” where the poet receives his inspiration via the radio. The cellist is involved in a verbal and musical dialogue with these sounds, which evolve into an industrial groove with the cellist performing rap-style vocals.


Guy Garnett, Interaction III

Composer Guy Garnett from CNMAT at UC Berkeley has composed Interactions 3, one of a series of pieces for instruments with computer-controlled digital sound processing. The sound is distorted, phased, echoed and reverberated as elegant melodic figures are spun by the cellist


Mark Danks, Heading South

Mark Danks presents a multimedia work involving projected video on a giant screen. A Silicon Graphics workstation generates abstract images in real-time based on the musical material played by the cellist.


Jay Cloidt – CrossTalk

Crosstalk is a "duet for pianist and piano". The performer plays a piano part live (on a MIDI-enabled piano) from notation, and the MIDI output is sent to a laptop running Max MSP. The Max patch running on the laptop analyzes the realtime input and uses it to trigger the second part of the duet, which is played on another (virtual) piano.