On Structure (Jessie Marino & Natacha Diels) and Bryan Jacobs present a concert of fantastically frenetic musical rituals. Trembling guitars, glitch waltzes, spinning tops, musical egg cups, creatures of the night, and furiously triggered shredding all weave their way into a wild array of compositions made for ill tempered performance.

On Structure:
On Structure is a composer/performer collective featuring Jessie Marino and Natacha Diels. The Brooklyn-based duo uses composed sounds to brew transferable art pieces which ravage the traditional roles of the performer, audience and space itself. Their highly virtuosic performances organize simple motions and everyday objects into tightly constructed musical forms, knitting together sonic and visual elements while tipping their hats to the realm of the absurd. On Structure has toured extensively in the US and in Europe alongside of the the new music performance ensembles Wet Ink and Ensemble Pamplemousse (NYC) and have been featured in venues such as Dixon Place and Issue Project Room (NYC). They were invited to perform in the 2011 What's Next Festival in Brussels Belgium and in 2013 were featured composer/performers at the MATA Festival, NYC.

Bryan Jacobs:
There are many approaches to writing pieces with live audio processing but one that has gained a lot of popularity is the "preset" model. In this approach the composer predefines settings for all the effects and tells the performer when they should switch to the next preset by means of some sort of trigger or foot pedal. In technically complicated pieces you might have a hundred or so presets for the performer to step through. Trigger extends this model cycling through thousands of presets that change on nearly every note. The sonic result is faux virtuosity with the computer contributing more than the performer.


Presented by the CNMAT Users Group

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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 4:00am to 6:00am
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