Selected Research Publications from CNMAT from 1989 to the Present

Areas of Research include:

  • Protocol and encoding development including Open Sound Control (OSC) ( and the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) (
  • New sensor technologies and interface modalities: sensor fusion, integration.
  • New sense-enabled media: conductive/resistive fibre, malleable media.
  • eTextile, conductive paper and other materials for the New Lutherie
  • Many-channel digital audio interfaces; hundreds of channels over common ethernet. FPGA-based audio systems development.
  • Parallel computing theory in music/audio computing; algorithms, requirements.
  • Musical interactivity tools including digitizing tablets, multitouch and manytouch surfaces.
  • New user-interfaces for interaction with expressive musical/auditory environments, e.g. spatial mapping with dimensionality reduction.
  • Theoretical and applied spatial acoustics of loudspeaker and microphone arrays, especially in spherical configurations
  • Musical quality; metrics, augmentation, compression, hearing loss.
  • Signal-theory for musical gestures; requirements on jitter and latency, expressive bandwidth estimation
  • Semantics, requirements and cognitive models of music performance and their implications for software design patterns
  • Sound analysis for event detection, pitch and noise estimation and auditory perceptual models
  • Machine learning applications in audio synthesis and musical control
  • Auditory psychophysics and music cognition and perception
  • Curation and Development of real-time music and audio software tools.
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