Jean Bresson (IRCAM) was in residence at CNMAT as a Fulbright visiting scholar from Feb. to Aug., 2016, carrying out a research fellowship entitled "Interactive visual programming systems for music composition". The objectives of this project, framed in the development of computer-aided composition software, were to explore multimedia interactions in compositional processes, and integrate CNMAT technology and approaches in the OpenMusic environment. An efficient support for the manipulation and transfer of musical data has been worked out using OSC and the odot library, applied for instance to the control of sound spatialization, as well as new developments on temporal and rhythmic structures. This fellowship was also the opportunity for Dr. Bresson to give a series OpenMusic training workshops, to organise a series of seminars on "Human-Computer Interactions on Music" in collaboration with the Berkeley Institute of Design, and a 3-days workshop on sound spatialization.