This series of workshops provides practical introduction to the OpenMusic computer-aided composition environment. OpenMusic is a visual programming environment allowing to develop and execute processes merging computational/programming techniques and various types musical representations (including scores and traditional notation).

Workshop #1 (April, 1st) will address the basics of computer-aided composition : how to deal with / implement a compositional problem using visual programming and the available tools proposed by the environment. This will include a presentation of the basic OpenMusic data structures and editors, and a comprehensive overview of the visual and functional programming features of the language.

Workshop #2 (April, 15th) will address more specifically to the issues of sound analysis, processing and synthesis in OpenMusic. It will train attendees to using sound and other external data in the composition environment, and to install/benefit from additional features provided by external libraries for sound analysis and processing. A basic introduction to the OMChroma library for high-level control of sound synthesis will be given.

Jean Bresson is a researcher from IRCAM STMS Labs, specialised in computer-aided composition systems. He has been developing the OpenMusic environment for over a decade and has extended its applications in a number of new directions such as sound synthesis and processing, sound spatialization, and more recently in the field of interaction and reactive systems. Jean is currently at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies of UC Berkeley on a Fulbright visiting scholarship.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016, 12:00am to 3:00am
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Edmund Campion