Imran Sekalala is an undergraduate researcher at CNMAT. He is currently studying Data Science with an emphasis in Data Arts and Humanities. He is also minoring in Environmental Design. At CNMAT, Imran is working with Professor Edmund Campion on an upcoming release of the CNMAT Depot 2.0 software package with a focus on CNMAT Spectral Tools.

Growing up Imran learned classical piano, and later picked up the saxophone. In addition to being a part of his high school choir, he played saxophone in a jazz/world fusion band. The band performed covers as well as original compositions. Imran enjoys playing jazz and bossa nova at home. With his housemate Judah Marsden, he is currently working on a home installation that relies on motion sensors, responding with ambient sounds sensitive to the speed of an object in range.

Upon discovering the many possibilities of data science and its applications, alongside an introduction to CNMAT, Imran became interested in the emerging intersection between artificial intelligence and music. He is a member of the concert department for SUPERB, booking artists to perform for students. His other involvements are Blackbook, an online platform that helps provide access to resources and opportunities for Black university students.