Multi-Channel Paper Speaker

This is a 4-channel paper speaker. Note that the geometry of the electromagnetic field production, and the 4-channel system has been intentionally obscured by artistic concerns. With these 2-d speaker arrays, artistic and design possibilities open up for sound art, sound installation, patterning and graphic design, which are not part of standard sound reproduction aesthetics.


Fragment - end texture

This is a fragment from my piece 'Lines / Panels / Fragments played by the Berkeley Symphony under the baton of Joana Carneiro on the 22nd of January 2012 during the first Under Construction reading in that year.


Embryo: An Acoustic Drawing

This is an acoustic speaker using copper foil "circuitry" adhered to a paper surface (12" x 16"). The piece, titled Embryo, represents a few important aspects of my current paper speaker research.


Paper Speakers

This project explores the technical, design, and aesthetic possibilities of 2-D, flexible audio speaker technology. The premise underlying this exploration is the idea that sound can be thought of as a physically immediate, transparent and embodied material. The end goal for me is the use of this material for my art practice: Sound Art, Installation, and Composition.