La Luz y Su Desvío

Commissioned and Performed by The Miami Symphony Orchestra
Premiered as part of the 2009 edition of Festival Miami (University of Miami)
Conductor: Eduardo Marturet


Post-Industrial Organisms

Post-Industrial Organisms is an installation that reconstructs sonic landscapes with sound sculptures created from industrial waste. These organisms are constructed with motorized brushes rubbing against metallic bodies. The minute sound of the friction scrapping against each other is amplified through the carefully bending of their bodily shape.


vagues / fenêtres

This piece reflects my interest in the intersection between natural and musical structures, and the nuances revealed by close listening. It also, I think, bears traces of the many hours I spent wandering with camera and recording devices through the old town and along the promenade in Nice, absorbing color, shape, movement, reflection.


UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra - Practice

Live unedited recording of Edmund Campion's "Practice" for Orchestra and Computer as performed by the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro David Milnes.

Engineering & Production: Edmund Campion, Jay Cloidt, John MacCallum


En círculo

En círculo (2008) for alto saxophone, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, double bass, percussion, and piano
duration, 18'
excerpt performed by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

Listening to me practice the piano in this piece, my sister said, “I hear all sorts of natural sounds, things blowing, shaking, leaves rustling, waves rolling”.