Music for Trombone and Tape: 1966-2018


Animus I (1966) -- Jacob Druckman (1928-1996)

Prelude, fugue and big apple (1972) -- Walter Ross (b. 1936)

Wintermute (1995) -- Bruce Hamilton (b. 1966)

T. Rex (1996) -- Mark Phillips (b. 1952)

Everything happens for the first time (2018)* -- Mark Dancigers



Andrew Glendening is the Dean of the School of Music and Professor of Trombone at the University of Redlands. An active innovator in interactive music, Dr. Glendening has premiered, performed and recorded many works for computer and instruments and has lectured on interactive applications at such institutions as CNMAT, CEMI at the University of North Texas and the Eastman School of Music. He is also the inventor of the "Magneto-restrictive slide position sensor" for the trombone, which allows for direct integration of the trombone and a computer using MAX/MSP software both for performance and pedagogical study.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018, 8:00pm to 10:00pm
1750 Arch St.
Berkeley, CA
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