How do a large crowd of common people following an animated music score sound like?, 4 bicycle wheels and a skateboard?, Fire alarms integrated with a Symphony orchestra? or a mosquito performing together with a solo percussionist?

Swedish composer and researcher Anders Lind, who’s invited by the Now Hear Ensemble with his interactive instrument THE WHEEL QUINTET for the concert ROUND AND ROUND talks about his compositions and his use of animated notation and interactive instruments integrated with traditional orchestra/ ensemble settings to develop his artistic visions.

Lind is situated as a composer and creative director at the department of creative studies of Umeå university in the north of Sweden. He composes music mainly for orchestras, choirs, various ensembles and solo performers, often in combination with the use of electronics or electronic instruments. With a background as a composer and performer of free-jazz, rock, and electronica he likes to use his early influences together with modern technics of treating the classical orchestra to get a raw personal touch in his compositions. His compositions is characterized by an experimental but straight forward roughness that invites the listeners into a musical journey beyond the expected. Currently Lind is working on developing an animated notation system, which should enable school children without any score reading knowledge to perform complex music together with professional symphonic musicians and synchronized with electronics.

SINGING INSTRUMENTS!! (an interactive exhibition featuring THE WHEEL QUINTET)
EVERYBODY SCREAM!!! (a composition for large crowd and electronics)

Presented by the CNMAT Users Group

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 11:00pm to Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:00am