1 Program

- Nelson: Guitar Conduction #1 Taut Steel (w.p.) for electric guitar
and electronics
- Frisk: improvisation for sax and electronics
- Frisk & Östersjö: Music from /Better Life/ (/Better Life/ is a film
by Isaac Julien for which we composed and performed the music in
- -----
- Wessel/Östersjö/Frisk

2 Bio: Henrik Frisk

Henrik Frisk (PhD) is an active performer (saxophones and laptop) of
improvised and contemporary music and a composer of acoustic and
computer music. With a special interest in interactivity, most of the
projects he engages in explores interactivity in one way or
another. Interaction was also the main topic for his artistic PhD
dissertation `Improvisation, Computers, and Interaction' which was
presented at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University in October
2008. He is currently associate professor at the Malmö Academy of
Music, Lund University and as Research Associate at the Royal College
of Music in Stockholm.

Henrik has performed in many countries in Europe, North America and
Asia including performances at prestigious festivals such as the Bell
Atlantic Jazz Festival, NYC and the Montreux Jazz Festival,
Switzerland. As a composer he has received commissions from many
institutions, ensembles and musicians. He has made numerous recordings
for American, Canadian, Swedish and Danish record labels and is
currently a member of the collective Kopasetic Productions which is an
independent label owned and run by improvising musicians.

4 Bio: Stefan Östersjö

born in 1967, is one of the most prominent soloists within new music
in Sweden. Since his debut CD (Swedish Grammy in 1997) he has recorded
extensively and toured Europe, the US and Asia. His special fields of
interest are the interaction with electronics, and experimental work
with different kinds of stringed instruments other than the classical
guitar. His great interest in chamber music has resulted in the
founding of flute, viola and guitar-trio HOT 3 and collaboration with
most chamber ensembles and important soloists in Scandinavia such as
Jonny Axelsson, Geir Draugsvoll, KammarensembleN, Ensemble Gageego and
Ensemble Ars Nova. He is continuously working with composers both in
Sweden and abroad on the task of extending the repertory of solo works
and chamber music with guitar. As a soloist he has cooperated with
conductors such as Lothar Zagrosek, Peter Eötvös, Pierre André Valade,
Mario Venzago, Andrew Manze, Franck Ollu and Tuomas Ollila. He has
recorded extensively for the Swedish National Radio and also for
Swedish TV as well as in many other countries.

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Friday, June 13, 2014, 4:00am to 6:00am
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