CNMAT Users Group Presents: permutations041114

Permutations is pleased to welcome electroacoustic improv duo Headless Monkey Attack and virtuoso saxophonist David Wegehaupt as they split the bill for the series’ second west coast show, with a special performance by pianist Eric Wubbels.

with special guest ERIC WUBBELS

"Ali" - Alex Mincek
“It sort of sounds like my alto saxophone is broken, which it might be once I've finished playing this violent and virtuosic opener.” - David

"Ultimo a lato" - Giorgio Netti
“It's humbling when a composer finds sounds on your instrument that you hadn't figured out over the course of 15 years playing.” - David

"This Is This Is This Is" - Eric Wubbels | with Eric Wubbels (piano)
“This is for David Foster Wallace. This is unison, concentration, and attention. This is extended repetition as a force against habit. (“This is a Bronx-bound 2 express train.”) This is the constant gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing. This is the connection between attention and ecstasy.” - Eric [Read the full score note]


“Latency in the System”
Rectangle Zero
Guilty Pleasures
Organ Grinder
Get It Together

From the 5-track album of semi-improvisatory acoustic and algorithmically generated electronic music. Each track revolves around sound synthesized from code in the RTcmix audio programming language, manipulated in real time with a video game controller and live percussion.

David Wegehaupt is a saxophonist committed to the performance and development of contemporary music. As a soloist and chamber musician, he has premiered over 50 new works, including works by Aaron Einbond, Marcos Balter, Lee Hyla, and Philippe Leroux. David is a member of Splinter Reeds (the Bay Area's premiere (only) contemporary music-loving reed quintet), Eco Ensemble, and Anubis Quartet, a Chicago-based saxophone quartet.

Eric Wubbels is a composer, pianist, and Executive Director of the Wet Ink Ensemble, a New York collective devoted to creating, promoting, and organizing adventurous contemporary music.


Ryan Carter is a composer of music for instruments, voices, and computers. Praised by the New York Times as ", say, a Martian dance party," Ryan's music has been performed throughout Europe and North America.

Nick Woodbury is a composer and percussionist who uses music as a way to engage with people through sound. His music uses multiple performers, computer manipulation and home-made electronics to distort and push sounds beyond real-world possibility. It has been described as “having another life in the mind of the listener,” an innovation of sound environments that can be observed ephemerally and reflected upon.

And of course, no Permutations Series event would be complete without a party, so please join us after the show!

permutations041114 is proudly presented by the CNMAT Users Group.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014, 4:00am to 6:00am
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