Natural Artefacts, made its start from collaboration over several years between the composer Per
Anders Nilsson and the musicians Susanna Lindeborg and Ove Johansson. The trio is
developing a concept where the computer and electronics act as a completely integrated musical
instrument. The sound is a unique mix between live electronics, jazz, impro and new music. Here
they collaborate with Gino Robair on drums and percussion.
Natural Artafacts has been performing in USA at CNMAT, Berkeley California, Sonic circuit X
festival in Berklee Boston, Buffalo University and EMF New York.
Per Anders Nilsson has a background as jazz musician but is now a professor at the Academy of
Music and Drama at Gothenburg University. Several recordings with his own material and he has
been a regular visitor to the Bay Area - last time with duoPantoMorf.
Susanna Lindeborg and Ove Johansson have a long international carrier with their group
Mwendo Dawa, around 30 CDs with the group, duo and solos and have played in USA a few times
in New York and California.
Gino Robair needs no presentation - musician of free impro music, composer, electronic pioneer

”Natural Artefacts” LJRecordsLJCD 5228
“Like Jazz” LJRecordsLJCD 5241
Distr :NAXOS, North Country Distributors

Susanna Lindeborg piano, computer
Ove Johansson tenorsax, computer
PerAndersNilsson computer,electronics
Gino Robair drums, percussion

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 4:00am to 6:00am
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