The program includes:

Karlheinz Essl - “Sequitur VIII” (2008) - for e. guitar and live-
electronics (Max/Msp)**

hans w. koch - “dazwischer” (2001) for some guitar and some electronic (Max/Msp)**

Seth Cluett – “the little by little suddenly” (2009-2010) for guitar and live-electronics **

Josh Levine - “Downstream” (1991-92) for guitar and computer generated sounds

Peter Ablinger - "63-99" from "1-127" for e. guitar and CD (2002)**

Morton Feldman - "The possibility of a new work for electric
guitar" (1966)**
I. Version No. 1 - Christian Wolff’s “rendition”, 29 July 1966
II. Version No. 2 - Josel-Reconstruction

Eric Lyon - "Golden Melodies" (2008) for e. guitar and live-
electronics (Max/Msp)**

** - west coast premiere

Seth Josel has become one of the leading instrumental pioneers of his generation. After acquiring his Bachelor of Music degree at the Manhattan School of Music Seth Josel enrolled at Yale University and earned the Master of Music, the Master of Musical Arts and the Doctor of Musical Art degrees. His teachers included Manuel Barrueco and Eliot Fisk. He is recipient of numerous awards and prizes including a Fulbright-Hays grant from the United States government and the Artists Stipend from the Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart. As ensemble player and soloist he has been involved in the first performances of more than one hundred works. He has collaborated and consulted closely with such composers as Mauricio Kagel, Helmut Lachenmann, Tristan Murail, Phill Niblock and James Tenney. In addition, he has been highly committed to working with several of the leading young composers of our time, including Peter Ablinger, Richard Barrett, Sidney Corbett, Chaya Czernowin, Keeril Makan and Manfred Stahnke, all of whom have written works featuring his talents.

He has concertized throughout Europe as well as the US, Canada, Israel and Japan, and he has been a guest performer with leading orchestras and ensembles, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Southwest German Radio Orchestra, the South German Radio Choir, the DSO Berlin and the Schönberg/ASKO Ensemble of Amsterdam. From 1991 till 2000 he was a permanent member of the Ensemble Musikfabrik NRW, a State-subsidized ensemble devoted to the performance of contemporary music. In recent seasons he has been guesting regularly with KNM Berlin, Ensemble SurPlus of Freiburg as well as with the Basel Sinfonietta. He is a member of the Amsterdam-based electric guitar quartet, Catch. During the period 2002-2005 Josel appeared as a soloist at several major European festivals including Salzburger Festpiele, Donaueschingen, Huddersfield and MaerzMusik, musikprotokoll Graz. In addition to his 3 solo CDs featuring American music (New World Records, CRI, O.O. Discs), he has recorded with Ensemble Musikfabrik NRW, the DSO Berlin, Rundfunksinfonie-Orchester Berlin, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Schönberg Ensemble Amsterdam and Champ d'Action Antwerpen. He also recorded Berio’s “Sequenza XI” for the complete “Sequenza” cycle released on Mode Records in 2006. He is the co-founder of, a website database dedicated to the contemporary guitar literature and currently working on a performance technique handbook for Bärenreiter.