The UCB AIE is Robert Cheifetz on saxophone, Jesse Engel on electric guitar and effects, Yonatan Landau on melodica and other, Amy Shen on saxophone and flute, Kai Siedenburg on Steinway and electronics, and Ali Warrick on (abridged) drum set.

A series of original improvisations will be performed by the UC Berkeley Alumni Improvisation Ensemble. The performers are Robert Cheifetz, Jesse Engel, Yonatan Landau, Amy Shen, Kai Siedenburg, and Ali Warrick. These musicians come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and current music endeavours including all varieties of jazz, Ethiopian creeper funk, dance rock, folk, gospel, and much more. 

Robert Cheifetz recently received his B.A. in Music from UC Berkeley. He has moved on with aspirations of a career in composition, saxophone performance with ensembles like UCBAIE and Sun Hop Fat, and is actively getting sucked deeper and deeper into the business side of the industry. At Cal he studied saxophone under the guidance of Dann Zinn, composition with Ken Ueno and Franck Bedrossian, and improvisation with Myra Melford. 

Yonatan Landau is a recent graduate from the UC Berkeley music department. In addition to playing gigs as a jazz pianist, saxophonist and singer as well as with his Bay Area dance rock-band "The Dance" he sings in a folk trio "Microlovers". He taught a popular undergraduate course in contemporary pop and rock harmony at UC Berkeley and completed his thesis in natural acoustics and historical temperaments. 

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Friday, August 14, 2009, 4:00am to 4:00am