Roberto Morales - flutes piano and live electronics
David Wessel - live electronics
Nils Bultmann - viola

Roberto Morales has written music for theatre, dance, movies, TV and radio, been commissioned and participated in festivals in Europe, US, Mexico and Latin-America. As an interpreter, Morales-Manzanares has participated on his own and with other composers in forums of Jazz, Popular, Folkloric and New Music in Mexico, Latin-America, USA and Europe.

As a researcher, he has been invited to different national and international conferences such as ICMC, International Join Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI and Symposium on Arts and Technology and has several publications.
In 1988, he was co-founder of the first computer music studio in Mexico at the Escuela Superior de Musica and in 1992 founder of LIM at the University of Guanajuato. He has organized festivals such as “La Computadora y la Musica”, “Callejon del Ruido” and “Nuevos enfoques y expresiones en composición y tecnología”. Currently he is member of the “Sistema Nacional de Creadores”. His music can be found in ICMC recordings, Victo label (Leyendas in colaboration with Mari Kimura) and the most recent publications in Computer Music Journal.

He recently received his PhD in composition from the University of California Berkeley where he contributed extensively to the musical profile of CNMAT.

David Wessel studied mathematics and experimental psychology at the University of Illinois and received a doctorate in mathematical psychology from Stanford in 1972. His work on the perception and compositional control of timbre in the early 70’s at Michigan State University led to a musical research position at IRCAM in Paris in 1976. In 1979 he began reshaping the Pedagogy Department to link the scientific and musical sectors of IRCAM. In 1985 he established a new IRCAM department devoted to the development of interactive musical software for personal computers. In 1988 he began his current position as Professor of Music at the University of California, Berkeley where he is Director of CNMAT. He is particularly interested in live-performance computer music where improvisation plays an essential role. He has collaborated in performance with a variety of improvising composers including Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Coleman, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, John Butcher, Ushio Torikai, Thomas Buckner, Vinko Globokar, Jin Hi Kim, Shafqat Ali Khan, and Laetitia Sonami, and has performed throughout the US and Europe.

Nils Bultmann is a violist, improviser, and composer currently based in the San Francisco bay area. Rooted in classical technique and tradition, he has developed his own voice within the context of a wide variety of musical styles and art forms. Active as a performer in the United States and Europe, he plays both classical repertoire as well as his own compositions and is involved in collaborative projects of dance, film, and avant-garde improvised music. He has generated an expansive body of work in the recording studio, including solo and multi-track viola music as well as collaborative and improvised material. He also writes through-composed works for traditional instrumentation including for solo pieces, string quartets, and orchestral music.

As an improviser, he has worked with Ken Butler, David Wessel, Frank Gratkowski, Myra Melford, Evan Parker, and Roscoe Mitchell. In September 2004 he was a guest at the International Symposium for Improvised music in Munich Germany to perform two new works by jazz Saxophonists’ Roscoe Mitchell and Evan Parker, as part of the Transatlantic Art Ensemble which was recorded and released on ECM records.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009, 4:00am to 6:00am