Berkeley Computational Music Research (BCMR) held their first annual conference on Saturday, September 28, 9am-6pm at CNMAT:

Synthesis: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Computational Music Research

Conference Speakers included:
Claire Arthur, Music Theory and Cognitive Musicology, Georgia Tech
Carmine Cella, Music Composition and Technology, UC Berkeley
Kevin Dahan, Music Technology, De Montfort University
Elena Georgieva, Music Technology, Stanford CCRMA
Jon Gillick, School of Information, UC Berkeley
Melanie Hamaguchi, Project IRENE, UC Berkeley
Justin Salamon, Audio Research Group, Adobe Research
Leslie Tilley, Ethnomusicology, MIT

About the Conference:

The deluge of computational techniques developed over the last decade has had a transformative impact in all areas of academic and industrial research. The goal of this conference is to explore potential applications for the integration of these techniques into interdisciplinary music research. This year’s theme, synthesis, emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together scholars with interests in music studies and computational methods. It encourages music researchers and computer scientists to initiate dialogue that will provide new insights into the most pressing questions across disciplines.