Live@CNMAT: Kyle Bruckmann Solo Works (

Check out this excellent concert and video recording of Kyle Bruckmann Live @ CNMAT, November 14, 2020.


Solo works for oboe/English horn and/or electronics. A live-streamed matinee (or happy hour, or high tea, or what have you, depending on your inclinations and time zone) performance beamed to the world from deep within Kyle Bruckmann’s aesthetic and psychosocial gerbil ball, installed for the occasion at 1750 Arch St, Berkeley. PROGRAM Linda Bouchard (b. 1957) – DROP (2018) Helen Grime (b. 1981) – Arachne (2013) Kyle Bruckmann (b. 1971) – A Spurious Autobiography for John Barth (2015) Hannah A Barnes (b. 1997) – Dis/inte/gration (2019, rev. 2020) PREMIERE Kyle Bruckmann – Proximity, affect (2020) PREMIERE