The second CNMAT OpenLab will take place online on March 12, 2021, 3pm-4pm PST.

CNMAT is the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies of the University of California, Berkeley (

OpenLabs are open events where CNMAT's life and projects can be shared with the community. 

Each OpenLab is made by a series of 4 quick talks (10 mins + 5 mins questions) for 1hr total. The general idea of these talks is to provide an overview of the current activities at CNMAT to foster collaborations and develop ideas. 


For this session (link below): 

David Coll, Recent work with light and microcontrollers 

Andrew Harlan, Immersion and transduction

Léo Chédin, Source separation methods for assisted orchestration

Jon Kulpa, Sound mass composed with a real-time generative engine


I hope to see you there!!

Zoom link:

Passcode: 339586