The CNMAT Fall 2020 Newsletter is availabe for download here.


The CNMAT Users Group (CUG) have teamed with CNMAT's Associate Director, Richard Andrews, to conceive and produce this first edition of the CNMAT Newsletter.  CNMAT strives to be an open community of users and dedicated staff who work together. We continue to thrive both on-line and in person -- where allowed.  WOW, what a year!!!


Leading the initiative for the Newsletter is CUG President (2020-21), graduate composer, Hallie Smith, the point person who conceived and set the project in motion.  Behind her is a dedicated number of graduate students who have conducted interviews and helped make this real. Our goal is to be inclusive in all ways but it is just not possible to keep up with it all!  A few extra shout-outs go to Maija Hynninen and her fabulous new CD Dawn Breaks.  Then to Didem Coskunseven for her exhibition at CODAME/GitHub.  Didem, Jon Yu, and Clara Olivares were all selected for the IRCAM Cursus this year and are doing their best to get to classes in France during these difficult times. Kayla Cashetta and Oren Boneh are just now completing their year at the IRCAM Cursus. Alumni stay active with Amadeus Regucera serving as the guest composer at the Wellesley Composers Conference, where he took part in the Anti-Racism in New Music Symposium, and Antonio Juan-Marcos back at CNMAT this year working on a newly commissioned opera with electronics.


CNMAT pays attention to its community as we work to sponsor and support the initiatives of the Users Group with concerts, artistic residencies, as well as production technologies for the creation of adventurous new music.  Our robust research agenda invites participation from our undergraduate and graduate students. This in turn inspires the many courses we offer through the Department of Music who has been our partner since its inception in the late 80's.  Yes, we have been around the block, and in 2020 we still have a lot to do and report!


Professor Carmine Emanuele Cella recently joined the Department of Music as a Professor in Music and Technology.  Carmine's energy, his daily reshaping of the CNMAT Research agenda, has already recomposed our music.  Carmine is a mathematician and a composer; author of a string of research papers as well as the recipient of major commissions from top ensembles and orchestras throughout Europe.  New technical papers, accepted to peer-reviewed conferences and journals throughout the world, are arriving from Cella and the many students he mentors.  Cella's ORCHIDEA software, released at CNMAT, has been well-received by both composers and researchers.  Welcome Professor Cella to the CNMAT team!


Our Newsletter is planned for release once a semester. It is personally satisfying for me to catch up with last year's events, even if it represents only a smattering of what has been done at CNMAT, and in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis.  The sound of Frederic Rzewski and his iconic Coming Together continually rings in my ears!  Have a listen, join our CNMAT YouTube Channel , join our mailing list, and please stay tuned to CNMAT!!! 


Edmund Campion

Director, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies