CNMAT presented virtual reality and augmented reality demonstrations at the Annual Berkeley AR/VR Retreat on November 30, 2018, at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California.

The CNMAT team included:  Jeremy Wagner, Researcher, and Composer; Andrew Blanton, Visiting Researcher; Edmund Campion, Director, CNMAT; and Giovanni Santini, Composer, and Researcher.

Image:  Professor Eric Paulos, EECS, trying out the CNMAT 24-channel spatial audio demonstration. 

The spawning of virtual objects using Max/MSP and UNITY was built by Andrew Blanton, with the spatial audio, head tracking, and OSC-based multiple computer communication handled by Jeremy Wagner and the IRCAM Spatialisateur.  The image-driven synthesis was done by Edmund Campion using CNMAT Resonators~ and with data taken from the UNITY engine.  

Giovanni Santini presented a mixed-reality performance system involving an AR/VR dynamic graphic score projected on physical musical instruments.