Nils Bultmann- Entry point to 'foreign' improvised musical interactions, some tools for "without a net" playing

1. A sustained note, emotional antena

*2. Steady stream of 16th notes with some pivot pitch material, paint in rhythm and accent primarily (bow perpetual motion)

Examples of this--
In techno/DJ situations :

Excerpt from Inferno Nightclub with Barika Belly Dance Troop, Madison WI.

Playing over Crystal method "Bad Stone" (5am)

Another example using similar perpetual motion and rhythmic focus is from this improvisational evening with Roscoe Mitchell and Nepalese Musicians Sur Sudha:

I have a through-composed piece called Primal that uses similar perpetual motion bowing (ala Hindemith Viola Sonata op. 25 #1)
In this case, using glissandi through the high harmonics of each string, mixed with some lyrical motives

From live performance in Orly Genger exhibit in the MASS Moca Museum (Bang on a Can Festival summer 2010)

Purchase "Primal" here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bultmann2/

This kind of motorized bowing, I employ in one of my initial Video Split Screen Duets

Nils Bultmann