“Intuitivo” is a collage of free improvisations.

I recorded seven players improvising freely and separately. They received no guidelines, and they did not know what the other players would record or had recorded. Then I trimmed and juxtaposed the improvisations to create an imaginary synchronized performance.

I was aiming for a natural sound, so I used basic edits only: cuts and time displacements (no pitch-shifting, overdubbing, or time-stretching). The edits range in size from single notes to multiple minutes—in fact, one fascinating aspect of this project was discovering how extended segments of supposedly unrelated music by different improvisers can fall into place with complete naturalness.

Evan, Kurt, and Christopher were recorded at CNMAT by Michael Zbyszynski. Courtney, Michael, and Nasar were recorded at BIAS Studios near Washington, DC by Corey Novick. Marco was recorded in Gent, Belgium by Osama Abdulrasol.

The CD was released on innova recordings in June 2009.

-- Fernando Benadon

Fernando Benadon