TitleDirectivity Synthesis with a 3D Array of Loudspeakers, Application for Stage Performance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWarusfel, O, Misdariis, N
Conference NameDAFX

The control of directivity represents a new stake in thereproduction of sound sources by an electroacoustic device.This paper first reminds the principle of a general method forreproducing the acoustical field radiated by a source. Thepresent study, is devoted to the bandwidth improvement andto the optimization of the directivity control. It rests on thepreliminary constitution of a set of basic directivities fromwhich it is possible to tune the cardioicity and the threedimensionalorientation of the synthesized directivitypattern. For the simulation of musical instruments, it isimportant to maintain independent control on the spatial andspectral characteristics. For that, an analysis/synthesismethod of the power spectrum is used to provide theautomatic design of a correction filter to applied on near fieldrecording before feeding the source. Results are discussedconsidering room acoustics criteria and examples of musicalinstruments.