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Max Suechting - Duo Improvisation #9 (for drumset and electronics)

Posted by Max Suechting on June 4, 2009

A piece written as a study in basic Max/MSP programming for improvisation. The components are effected drumset (run through delay, reverb, flange, and random-panning patches) and a triggered "chord box" - a set of ten chords that are triggered and auto-mixed to give structure to the improvisation. Electronics controlled by a small M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI device.


Edmund Campion, Playback

Posted by David Coll on June 2, 2009

Part I

All audio files are from the archival recordings made during the performances at IRCAM in 1999. Vincent David, Sax, Marc Marder, Double Bass, Benoit Gaudelette, vibraphone and timpani


Edmund Campion, Losing Touch

Posted by Amadeus Regucera on June 25, 2009

Excerpt from a San Francisco Contemporary Music Players concert of Edmund Campion's "Losing Touch" for Vibraphone and Electronics