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Posted by Matthew Goodheart on September 1, 2009

Thomas Buckner, voice; David Wessel, live electronics.


Evelyn Ficarra - Night Edge I

Posted by Evelyn Ficarra on January 26, 2010

night edge for singer, dancer, flute and prepared piano
written by Evelyn Ficarra with collaborating improvisers Heather Frasch (flute), Aurora Josephson (voice), Myra Melford (piano) and dancer Paige Sorvillo. Commissioned by Shie Shoji for her group Shonorities.

This piece takes its starting point from a poem in the Tanka form (31 syllables) by medieval Japanese poet, Izumi Shikibu.



Posted by Amadeus Regucera on July 21, 2009

Hysteria (2000) for trombone and electronics
music by Cindy Cox
text by John Campion
trombone performed by Abbie Conant


"A Note on Triumph" by Sivan Eldar

Posted by Sivan Eldar on May 10, 2009

Performed by Nils Bultmann on a 5-string MIDI Zeta violin passing through an effects processor (Oberheim GM-1000); Stereo reduction mix (from four-channel).


Another Cascando (...that's what counts...face in the mud...)

Posted by Edmund Campion on September 30, 2008

A work for piano and electronics, written by Brian Kane for pianist Sebastian Berweck. The electronics are based on a recording of shovelling mud, and processed in two ways: 1) a special, homemade MAX/MSP patch; 2) in SuperCollider, running a set of classes that read MEAPSoft data--as if you cared!