TitleSound Design as Human Matter Interaction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWei, SXin, ,
Conference NameSigChi
Conference LocationParis, France

Recently, terms like \\emph{material computation} or \\emph{natural computing} in foundations of computer science and engineering, and \\emph{new materiality} in cultural studies signal a broader turn to conceptions of the world that are not based on solely human categories. While respecting the values of human-centered design, how can we begin to think about the design of responsive environments and computational media while paying as much attention to material qualities like elasticity, density, wear, and tension as to social and cognitive schema? This presumes understanding computation as a potential property of matter in a non-reductionist way that plausibly spans formal divides between symbolic-semiotic, social, and physical processes. We begin this in the concrete practices of computational sound and sound design.