TitleImplementation and Applications of Open Sound Control Timestamps
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSchmeder, A, Freed, A
Conference NameICMC
Date Published25/08/2008
Conference LocationBelfast, Ireland

The background, purpose, and function of Open SoundControl (OSC) timestamps is reviewed. An analysisshows that jitter-induced noise with dispersion over themillisecond range significantly degrades real-time highresolutionsensor signal streams. The design of adistributed clock synchronization and event schedulingdomain over an asynchronous network is described. Arealization of this model is presented, created using thenew micro-OSC (uOSC) hardware platform and hostsoftware components in MaxMSP. An OSC addressschema for client-server clock synchronization isdocumented. Two new objects for MaxMSP areintroduced: OSC-timetag and OSC-schedule.