TitleCorpus-based Transcription as an Approach to the Compositional Control of Timbre
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEinbond, A, Schwarz, D, Bresson, J
Conference NameInternational Computer Music Conference

Timbre space is a cognitive model useful to address theproblem of structuring timbre in electronic music. The recentconcept of corpus-based concatenative sound synthesisis proposed as an approach to timbral control in bothreal- and deferred-time applications. Using CataRT and relatedtools in the FTM and Gabor libraries for Max/MSPwe describe a technique for real-time analysis of a live signalto pilot corpus-based synthesis, along with examples ofcompositional realizations in works for instruments, electronics,and sound installation. To extend this technique tocomputer-assisted composition for acoustic instruments, wedevelop tools using the Sound Description Interchange Format(SDIF) to export sonic descriptors to OpenMusic wherethey may be further manipulated and transcribed into aninstrumental score. This presents a flexible technique forthe compositional organization of noise-based instrumentalsounds.