TitleMaxines Turing Test A Player-Program as Co-Ethnographer of Socio-Aesthetic Interaction in Improvised Music
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBanerji, R
Keywordshuman-computer, improvisation, interaction,, interactive, machine, Music, player, program,, study,, system,, User

Beyond the goal of refining system design to the needs and tastes of users, user evaluation of interactive music systems offers a method of examining the nature of musical creativity as understood by its human practitioners. In the case of improvising music systems, user study and evaluation of a systems ability to improvise may be useful in the ethnomusicological study of musical interaction in contemporary improvised music. A survey of preliminary findings based on the interactions of an improvising system, Maxine, with several improvisers is discussed, with results suggesting methodological reconfigurations of the purpose and goals of evaluating of interactive musical metacreations.