TitleMusical Applications and Design Techniques for the Gametrak Tethered Spatial Position Controller
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFreed, A, McCutchen, D, Schmeder, A, Hansen, A-MSkriver, Overholt, D, Burleson, W, Jensen, CNorgaard, Mesker, A
Conference NameSMC 2009

The Gametrak spatial position controller has been saved from the fate of so many discontinued gaming controllers to become an attractive and increasingly popular platform for experimental musical controllers, math and science manipulatives, large scale interactive installations and as a playful tangible gaming interface that promotes inter-generational creative play and discovery .After introducing the peculiarities of the GameTrak and comparing it to related spatial position sensing systems we survey musical applications of the device. The short paper format cannot do justice to the depth and breadth of such applications, so projects have been selected based on whether they represent unusual or surprising uses of the controller or because they represent fruitful platforms for future work.