TitleCrosstalk Cancellation for Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsZotter, F, Schmeder, A, Noisternig, M
Conference NameDAGA08
Date Published10/03/2008
Conference LocationDresden

Spherical loudspeaker arrays for directivity pattern synthesisof natural sound sources have been recently reconsideredin electro-acoustic research [3, 4, 5]. Quitesome time after the pioneering works in that field [1, 2],multichannel hardware and computational resources areeasy to obtain, and the design and control issues receiveincreased interest. The loudspeaker arrays consideredhere consist of transducers mounted into the rigidsurface of a spherical or polyhedral shell. The enclosurevolume in this shell acoustically couples the motionof the transducer cones. Directivity pattern synthesis,however, requires individual control over these motions.On one hand, encapsulated enclosures behind each transducerminimize acoustic coupling. On the other hand, ashared enclosure is easy to construct and supports playbackat low frequencies. To control the acoustically coupledloudspeakers in that case, a computationally expensivemultiple-input-multiple-output cross-talk canceller(MIMO-XTC) has to be employed. This work discusses aspherical harmonics subspace approach for MIMO-XTCin rigid spherical/platonic loudspeaker arrays. It can beshown that matrices involved in the MIMO-XTC taskbecome sparse within the spherical harmonics subspace,and largely reduce the computational demands.