Hélène Papadopoulos in Residence at CNMAT

Hélène Papadopoulos is a pianist known for her intricate and sensitive interpretations who possesses a transversal vision of music creation and performance. She embarks on her residency at CNMAT to delve into the legacy of American keyboardist Rosalyn Tureck (1913-2003) for Bach performance in the 21st century. She is commissioning new works from living composers inspired by Tureck’s perspective, fostering a dialogue between tradition and innovation in Bach's performance.


Monacchi and Casetta - Residency and concert

The composers and sound designers David Monacchi and Nicola Casetta are in residency at CNMAT this week. The schedule for the week inlcudes:

Tue, Feb 27, 2pm: Masterclass by Casetta on sound design with feedback

Fri, Mar 1, 3pm: Colloquium by Monacchi on his project Fragments of exctinction (

Fri, Mar 1, 8pm: Concert


DAVID MONACCHI                                                   


CNMAT welcomes Fred Lerdahl

Composer Fred Lerdahl (Bloch Lecturer, UC Berkeley 2011) leads a working group at CNMAT this Spring 2024 to discuss his music alongside his music theory and cognition texts.

Fred Lerdahl’s music is admired for its original harmonic syntax and formal processes, striking ideas, elegant craftsmanship, and expressive depth. His work seeks and achieves both complexity and intelligibility. It is indebted to the past yet committed to the exploration of new territory.


CNMAT Welcomes Piri (Korean Bamboo Oboe) master PARK Chi-Wan

CNMAT welcomes PARK Chi-Wan, PIRI (Korean Bamboo Oboe) master and Senior Member at the Gugak Center in Korea, for a special visit in preparation for next year's 2025 Korean Electronic Music Festival (KEMF), to take place in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and Stanford.  Three graduate students in music composition, Dion Nataraja, Mat Muntz, and Peter Shin will join Professor Matthew Schumaker from Santa Cruz, Edmund Campion from CNMAT, Jarek Kapuscinki from Stanford, and Ken Ueno from Berkeley, Richard Dudas from Hanyang University in Seoul, in creating and premiering new works for live electronics a


CNMAT Welcomes Tom Oberheim

CNMAT welcomes Tom Oberheim! Tom will be feature in a CNMAT open lab on Feb 23, 2024 at 3pm.

Tom Oberheim is an American inventor, instrument designer and electronic music pioneer. From his involvement in the emerging electronic music industry of the 1960’s to the present day, Tom has been a leading figure in synthesizer design and introduced many notable innovations in the electronic music field which have since become universal.


Zeena Parkins + William Winant + Myra Melford to perform at CNMAT

An evening of spontaneous music by three master improvisers. Electro-acoustic composer/improviser, educator, Zeena Parkins is a pioneer of contemporary harp practices. Using expanded techniques, object preparations, and electronic processing she has re-defined the instrument’s capacities. Concurrently, Parkins self-designed a series of one-of-a kind electric instruments. She leans into the harp’s physical limitations pushing its boundaries and impossibilities.


Roger Reynolds at 90

Roger Reynolds at 90: PASSAGE and Persistence

In celebration of Roger Reynolds’ 90th year, CNMAT and the Department of Music will be sponsoring and hosting a colloquium and concert. The colloquium will be held on March 8, 2024 at and the concert will be held on March 9, 2024. There will also be an invitation only concert at Meyer Theater. See our event listings for more information.


OpenLab: Machine Learning and Music Working Group

As part of CNMAT’s OpenLab series, the first meeting of the machine learning and music working group will convene this Thursday, November 9, from 4-5:30 pm at CNMAT (1750 Arch Street). The purpose of the group is to bring together those who are working on research and/or artistic projects that relate to music and machine learning. This is an open meeting in which all are welcome to join.


Ensemble l’Itinéraire Residency

At the invitation of Professor Carmine-Emanuele Cella, and with the support of the Department of Music, Ensemble l’Itinéraire, one of the leading European ensembles dedicated to the performance of new music, will be in residence at CNMAT in October. The residency will culminate in a concert featuring CNMAT-affiliated composers.