Extreme registers are tones that are on the edges of the producible range of a sound source (instrument, voice, audio speaker).


Move, tongue

Move, tongue is an attempt to create a non-linear space in sound, where the order of events is not important but rather the experience and perception of their coexistence. In my mind this is analogous to the act of being in a physical space (say a room or a park) and after perceiving it with whatever degree of detail, one arrives at an internal conception — a modeling — of the space.


Fragment - Piccolo solo

This is a fragment from my piece 'Lines / Panels / Fragments played by the Berkeley Symphony under the baton of Joana Carneiro on the 22nd of January 2012 during the first Under Construction reading in that year.


vagues / fenêtres

This piece reflects my interest in the intersection between natural and musical structures, and the nuances revealed by close listening. It also, I think, bears traces of the many hours I spent wandering with camera and recording devices through the old town and along the promenade in Nice, absorbing color, shape, movement, reflection.



whatWALL? (2003)

For alto saxophone and quadraphonic tape
Written for and dedicated to Brian Sacawa.