Video Installation work
“Wie schwerer Honig aus den hohlen Waben”, a piece dealing with time, mixing footage at various playback speeds.

This particular example was from an improvised recording session with percussionist William Winant, with whom I have worked for several years. I brought in several structures to work with for this session with many open parameters for free improvising.
This example was a D minor drone with half step and microtonal departures from that base pitch with hairpin dynamic swells and one single rising melodic line. The percussion uses bowed Tams and a Timpani and follows and comments on the viola line. The musical aim was to create a dark thick slow moving environment complex in timber “Wie Schwerer Honig aus den Hohlen Waben” (thick honey out of the comb) as the title suggests. The role of the video is to help magnify this thick honey oozing experience. The final three projector installation involves the images of both the percussion and viola video shots featured both in the original time and also slowed down at half tempo, resulting in the audio appearing an octave down.
I then layered the originally paced improvised in a way that they interactive in a countrapuntal manner. This piece is for projection and presented in 5-speaker set up.

October 14th 2010

I document large section of a day (up to 6 hours) capturing video and audio
throughout. Therefore the whole day becomes one multi-track project. In this example, Oct. 14th, everything you
see and hear, was shot in a three-hour continuous period. The narrative stems from the experience. The
pre-determined structure was to follow this plan: Track two overlaying recordings of viola in San Francisco ,
drive across the East Bay Bridge, then climb to the top of Grissly peak in Berkeley looking back at San
Francisco, stopping at 20 minute intervals to hit and record three prayer bowls that I later add to the recording of
the violas. The other rule was that I film the whole experience. This allows me to paint freely in post-production
using both video and audio in an interactive way to create narrative, in addition to documenting my compositional

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