TitleSound of the Hang
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWessel, D, Morrison, A, Rossing, TD
Conference NameAcoustics 08
Date Published06/29/08
Conference LocationParis, France

The HANG is a popular hand-played steel instrument that has gone through continual development since it was firstintroduced in 2000. We compare the tuning and the modes of vibration of the original high-voice HANG, the lowvoiceHANG, and the integral HANG recently introduced by PanART. Since the HANG is a hand-played steelinstrument, a wide variety of playing techniques are used by performers. We report on the sound of the HANG whenplayed in various ways. Recordings of the HANG were made by taking multiple samples of each of a number ofstriking techniques with the hand, including single strokes from the soft part of the finger, as well as the finger nail.Various grace note techniques were investigated as well. Loud notes tend to ring longer than soft ones, and they alsoshow significant amplitude modulation. We model the HANG with filters centered at each of the frequencycomponents; gains and decay times for these resonant filter were estimated from the analysis. From the analysis wehave synthesized realistic sounds of the HANG.