Titleo.io: a Unified Communications Framework for Music, Intermedia and Cloud Interaction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFreed, A, DeFilippo, D, Gottfried, R, MacCallum, J, Lubow, J, Razo, D, Rostovtsev, I, Wessel, D
Conference NameICMC
Conference LocationAthens, Greece
Keywordscontrol,, Cyber-physical, Device, Discovery, engineering, Franca,, Integration,, Lingua, Open, OSC,, Protocol,, software, Sound, systems,

We present work on the o.io system, a suite of tools for hiding vendor-specific and protocol- specific details of con-trollers and actuators and for replacing diffuse documentation and heterogeneous ontologies with harmonized, situational schema carried along in real-time with gesture and actuator control values as Open Sound Control (OSC) bundles. We introduce useful general design patterns and object-oriented tools that support them. We conclude with details of support of two particular devices that illustrate the potential of o.io, the QuNeo and Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors.