TitleImplementing Real-Time Partitioned Convolution Algorithms on Conventional Operating Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBattenberg, E, Avizienis, R
Conference NameDAFX 2011
Date Published19/09/2011
Conference LocationParis, France

We examine real-world techniques for implementing partitionedconvolution on conventional operating systems. We discuss theoptimization of two different scheduling paradigms, preemptiveand time-distributed, and evaluate their performance when used toprocess large numbers of audio channels using varying impulseresponse sizes at low throughput latency. We find that while thetime-distributed version fits better within the context of currentaudio host programs, the preemptive version was much easier toimplement, operates at lower cpu load, and behaves more reliably,despite the fact that it relies on preemptive context switching betweenmultiple threads.