TitleImplementation and Performance Issues with OpenSound Control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsWright, M
Conference NameInternational Computer Music Conference
PublisherInternational Computer Music Association
Conference LocationAnn Arbor, Michigan

OpenSound Control (OSC) is a new protocol for high-level, expressive control of sound synthesis and other multimedia applications. It includes time-tagged messages, guaranteed atomicity of messages with the same time tag, and regular expression address patterns that can match multiple messages in a receiving application. We hope OSC becomes a standard, and towards this end have made available at no cost the OpenSound Control Kit, a C or C++ library that adds OSC addressability to an application. This Kit is designed to be added to a sound processing application without degrading reactive real-time performance. This paper accompanies the Kit and provides a high-level overview of the Kit's interfaces to the rest of an application and how performance issues are addressed.