TitleAn Exploration of Design Parameters for Human-Interactive Systems with Compact Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSchmeder, A
Conference NameAmbisonics Symposium
Date Published25/06/2009
Conference LocationGraz, Austria

The exploration and evaluation of design parameters is introduced for applications of compact spherical loudspeaker arrays in the context of human-interactive systems. Applications include: electro-acoustic music--live and reproduced, multi-observer interactive auditory displays, communications, and acoustical engineering tasks. We describe the basic situational operation of an array of this type: its perceptual effects and their magnitude, and how to control the system in the context of spatial auditory display design. Several interactive paradigms are explored including: 3D pointing and selection, person-tracking, 3D haptic controls, and live audio.