TitleEfficient Gesture Storage and Retrieval for Multiple Applications Using a Relational Data Model of Open Sound Control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSchmeder, A
Conference NameICMC 2009

The role of database technology in real-time interactive music systems is the subject of theoretical elaboration and experimentation in this paper. Example applications are presented along with their informational access requirements. An architecture for a gesture storage/retrieval database is presented using a data-warehousing layer model, featuring a real-time interface that enables operation with interactive systems. An experimental implementation of this design is presented, OSC Stream DB, that uses a relational schema to store and retrieve bundled OSC messages from a PostgreSQL database backend. Its data access layer is optimized for object-retrieval, time jumps/traversals, meta-data based search and content-based search. A case study is conducted with a high-rate touch-sensing gesture interface. A benchmark is created for the real-time interface and tested up to the storage of millions of objects. Recommendations for the use of OSC in real-time gesture applications are given based on the concepts and results of this paper.