TitleCompensation of Undesired Doppler Artifacts in Virtual Microphone Simulations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPeters, N, Jonas, B
Conference NameDAGA - Deutsche Jahrestagung fr Akustik
Date Published21/03/2011
Conference LocationDsseldorf, Germany

Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC) is a real-time multichannel spatial sound rendering technique based on sound recording principles. In an auditory virtual environment, ViMiC simulates multichannel microphone techniques, resulting in the characteristic Inter-Channel Time Differences (ICTD) and Inter-Channel Level Differences (ICLD) to create the spatial image of a sound scene. When virtual sound sources or virtual microphones are moved, those inter-channel differences are updated in real-time using an interpolation algorithm, which results in a natural Doppler-like pitch shift. However, for musical applications, a Doppler effect is often undesirable. We evaluate the algorithm that aims to avoid such Doppler effects when updating the inter-channel differences. Us- ing various sinusoidal signals, different parameter are evaluated with regards to the spectral distortion.