TitleAnswers to frequently asked questions about ZIPI
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsWright, M
JournalComputer Music Journal

Answers are given to the following questions relating to the ZIPI musical interface. (1) What is the equivalent of a MIDI channel? (2) How do you set up which instrument has which sound? (3) Why can't you dynamically reassign instruments to new families? (4) Why can an instrument be in only one family? (5) How do I layer sounds from multiple synthesizers? (6) How can I have a large virtual orchestra implemented on a group of timbre modules? (7) Will it take a long time to pass the token all the way around my 17 timbre modules? (8) Can I daisy-chain controllers in ZIPI? (9) How do I translate ZIPI to MIDI and vice versa? (10) Some scales have more than 127 notes! Why impose that limit? (11) 250 kbaud? That's not even 10 times MIDI! Why so slow? (12) How could a synthesizer store parameter values for one million addresses? (13) Why not save some wires and encode the data on the clock line? (14) How do I turn on omni mode?