We are glad to announce the latest release (0.6) of the Orchidea software for computer-assisted orchestration.

Orchidea represents the state-of-the-art system for assisted orchestration and the new release is deployed as Max package, GUI standalone and command line tool:


There is also have a new YouTube (Orchestration idea) channel with video-tutorials:


Assisted orchestration can be thought as the process of searching for the best combinations of orchestral sounds to match a target sound under specified metric and constraints. Although a solution to this problem has been a long-standing request from many composers, it remains relatively unexplored because of its high complexity, requiring knowledge and understanding of both mathematical formalization and musical writing.

New features included in this release:

- new versions of TinySOL, OrchideaSOL and FullSOL with new licenses

GUI standalone software
- first release to the public

Max package
– several improvements