Swedish saxophonist, improviser and composer Henrik Frisk has performed with and on computers for nearly fifteen years. In this program he will play solo, on both saxophone and laptop, as well as in a duo together with Per Anders Nilsson (laptop). Frisk and Nilsson have collaborated for many years exploring the multiple possibilities of combining electronic and acoustic instruments.

Henrik Frisk is an active performer (saxophones and laptop) of improvised and contemporary music and a composer of acoustic and computer music. With a special interest in interactivity, most of the projects he engages in explores interactivity in one way or another. Frisk has performed in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia including performances at prestigious festivals such as the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, NYC and the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland. As a composer he has received commissions from many institutions, ensembles and musicians. He has made numerous recordings for American, Canadian, Swedish and Danish record labels. Henrik Frisk is also a renowned teacher, and currently holds a research position at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University in Sweden.

Per Anders Nilsson(1954)

Improvising musician and composer. Studied saxophone and electroacoustic music from 1981-87 at the school of music at University of Gothenburg.

In the 70- and 80s he managed his own bands as well performed occasionally with musicians such as Willem Breuker, Anthony Braxton, Palle Mikkelborg, Karin Krog and John Surman. In 2009 Nilsson toured Sweden with the legendary saxophone player Evan Parker.

At the moment Nilsson takes time of from a position as a senior lecturer in electroacoustic music at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, in order to finish a doctoral thesis at the same school.

Has been played at several ICMC: Aarhus, Banff, Thessaloniki, Beijing and Miami as well as been commissioned at GRM, Paris and has also been a visiting scholar at CNMAT in Berkeley, CREATE in Santa Barbara as well as CCRMA in Stanford. Nilsson was also music coordinator for ICMC 2002.

Nilsson has released several CDs since the nineteens: the solo CD Random Rhapsody in 1993, the group Natural Artefacts released CDs in 2001 and 2005 plus Strings and objetcs with Nilsson/Sandell Duo duo pantoMorf with Palle Dahlstedt (www.lj-records.se), in 2008 and in april 2009 with Beam Stone on the English label PSI (www.emanemdisc.com/psi09.html).

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Friday, November 19, 2010, 4:00am to 6:00am
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John MacCallum