Festival of New American Music

This concert features:

David Wessel and Francis-Marie Uitti (duo)

Michael Ferriell Zbyszynski Daguerreotype, for cello and Max/MSP
cello, Francis-Marie Uitti

Cindy Cox, The Other Side of the World (2004), 5‚
flute and tape (text by John Campion from Squaring the Circle)
Flute, Laurel Zucker

Edmund Campion, Corail (Coral), for saxophone and Max/MSP
Tenor Saxophone, Susan Fancher

Keeril Makan, Voice within Voice, for solo saxophone
Saxophone, Susan Fancher

Roberto Morales, Cenozote, for flute and Max/MSP
flute, Roberto Morales

Ronald Bruce Smith, Something Suspicious (Small), for Bass Clarinet and Max/MSP
Bass Clarinet, Laura Carmichael

Matthew Wright, Sketch for Oud and Computer
Matthew Wright, Oud and Computer

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Sunday, November 6, 2005, 3:00am to 5:00am
Contact Phone
(916) 278-5155