This is an update for the projected Beat Furrer concert to take place in late January. This concert will be tied with the composer's visit during Spring semester, 2011.

Beat Furrer concert DONE list
1. We compiled recordings of Furrer's ensemble music for David Milnes to consider.
2. David expressed particular interest in two of Furrer's works for this concert: Still (13 min. for 14 players) and Quartett (24 min. for percussion quartet).
3. We ordered a perusal score of Still and purchased the score for Quartett. Both scores were received and reviewed by David.
4. The score for Quartett was scanned so that it can be sent to players for review.
5. Richard Andrews has been working with the foundation Swissnex to see if they will be able to help fund this project. We are waiting for specifics from them.
6. We sent Chris Froh (percussionist) the score to Quarttet to review and asked him to how many rehearsals he thought it would take and if there are any special instruments required that would be difficult to find in the area.

Beat Furrer concert TO DO list
Activities to pursue in the new future include:
1. We should send the score of Quartett to one or more percussionists to learn from them how many rehearsals would be needed.
2. Two more pieces for this concert need to be set. In earlier discussions, there was an idea to include works by Bedrossian and Campion.
3. Funding from Swissnex and otherwise would need to be secured in order for larger ensemble works to be included in the concert.