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Audiosculpt-Sdiff-->Open Music how-to

Posted by Edmund Campion on April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Basic review of Audiosculpt

Preferences --- set new home folder and sound folder for audiosculpt outside of application folder

FFT analysis window size
larger the window size the better the frequency analysis and the poorer the temporal resolution

FFT analysis, window size, hop size
added "markers" to a sound file "generate markers"

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HART Spring Forum April 24

Posted by Edmund Campion on April 8, 2009

Humanities and Arts Research Technology
HART Spring Forum
April 24, 110 South Hall, 9AM–1PM
Forum Goals
• Demonstrate successful technologies for research or teaching.
• Highlight interdisciplinary projects on campus.
• Offer individual consultation with technology experts.
• Help faculty and technologists team up.

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HART Progess report due April 15 and presentation April 24

Posted by Edmund Campion on April 5, 2009

Dear HART Demonstrator Award Recipients,

We would like to thank you for all your hard work to date on the HART Demonstrator projects. Six collaboration projects were granted awards spanning a wide range of fields. The awardees were:

1. Developing spatial analysis tools for the collaborative study of areal linguistic phenomena, Professor Lev Michael and Johanna Nichols

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CNMAT site vocabularly/taxonomy (full list as of March 18, 09)

Posted by Edmund Campion on March 18, 2009


Faculty Co Directors
Faculty Collaborators
Events (redundant: Event Types & Regions/Locations)
Bay Area
micro OSC (Should be a standards tag)
New Music (subject)
Education (subject)

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Taxonomy overhaul-Schmeder comments

Posted by Edmund Campion on March 18, 2009

From Andy Schmeder

A few minor suggestions for the moment:

- Move "Subjects > Safety" to "Material Description"
- Move "Subjects > Props" to "Accessibility" (I think?)
- Rename "Material Description" => "Material Properties" or "Material Descriptors"
- Rename "Music" => "Song Properties" (I believe this is how Adrian intended those tags to be used?)

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Posted by Edmund Campion on March 18, 2009

Actuator (tutorials)
Actuator (softwares)
Actuator (common use)
Actuator (uses and recipes)
Actuator (weblinks)
Actuator (repertoire)
Actuator (resources)

Analysis-resynthesis (tutorials)
Analysis-resynthesis (softwares)
Analysis-resynthesis (resources)
Analysis-resynthesis (common use)
Analysis-resynthesis (uses and recipes)
Analysis-resynthesis (weblinks)

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Drupal-HART-overview-todo list

Posted by Edmund Campion on February 2, 2009

HART-Demonstration-grant 20K for student workers 1200 hours of student work.


Yotam Mann will be in charge of training all workers in node construction and tagging


Content preparation and node building (Music Department students)

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Some reasons why CNMAT devotes so much time to documentation, dissemination, and software maintenance

Posted by Edmund Campion on June 3, 2008

Although the field of computer music is well established and there are outlets for publishing and disseminating technical articles (CNMAT has over 300 to its credit), there is no library system nor publishing arm occupied with establishing the multi-faceted platform necessary to promote, disseminate and teach the new musical tools, instruments and practices.